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Deren double-door swing gate turnstiles for aiports and custom

With the continuous development of society, in order to better improve the efficiency of passenger travel, airports and customs are also implementing paperless traffic and intelligent construction, and self-service verification gates are an important part of "smart customs clearance". Turnstiles have helped electronic tickets replace paper tickets, and even helped to achieve "one-pass customs clearance" from pre-security check to boarding, which is more conducive to creating an "environmental travel" method.

Deren AB double-door gate machine, also known as double-door interlocking swing gate, adopts tempered glass on the side, high safety, high strength, strong thermal stability, and a transparent and smooth appearance; the movement module adopts a DC brushless motor and a German first-line brand The encoder is accurate in positioning, ultra-durable and stable, the baffle plate rotates quickly and accurately, smoothly and silently, low power consumption, energy saving and environmental protection. And it is suitable for various high-end and high-security indoor occasions such as government secret agencies, public security, detention centers, office areas, airports, customs, and high-level clubs.

In addition, the use of gates can also collect passenger travel information for data analysis, and network with the Ministry of Public Security to facilitate post-event traceability, blacklist warnings, and plan formulation, help airports and customs to build intelligent and efficient passenger travel management, and maintain airports and customs public safety.

So what are the features of the self-verification turnstiles?

·Double door/gate control

Double doors/gates are interlocked, when door A/B is opened, door B/A is closed (customizable).

·Accurate and stable

Using infrared detectors and precise algorithms, it can accurately detect the position of pedestrians in the passage, and realize the functions of anti-trailing, anti-reverse, and anti-pinch.

·Multiple anti-pinch

It adopts multiple anti-pinch designs such as infrared anti-pinch, mechanical anti-pinch and the industry's advanced current detection anti-collision to provide multiple guarantees for pedestrian safety.

~Infrared anti-pinch: Install multiple pairs of infrared detectors in the area close to the door swing (anti-pinch area). Once a person or object in the anti-pinch area is detected, the door swing automatically stops; until the person or object leaves the anti-pinch area, the door swings Just continue the action.

~Mechanical anti-pinch: The door pendulum will automatically stop when it encounters obstacles during the movement; the impact force during the movement of the door pendulum is within the safe range.

~Current detection anti-pinch: The door pendulum encounters obstacles during the movement, and the system detects an abnormal change in current and controls the motor to stop or reverse to prevent the door swing from pinching pedestrians.

·Multiple recognition methods

Support various IC/ID recognition, biometric and identity recognition technologies, including face recognition, fingerprint recognition, vein recognition, etc.

·Compatible with various controllers

Equipped with dry contact signal input interface, RS485 / RS232 interface, TCP/IP interface (optional), compatible with various access controllers.

·Process refinement

The cold plate box of the intelligent swing gate has been painted with a bright color, has a strong visual impact, has a good surface finish, is more beautiful, is easy to scrub, and has good moisture-proof and fire-proof performance. The stainless steel part adopts high-end SUS304, which has the most excellent corrosion resistance, rust resistance and high hardness.

Derentec make the world safer. The airport has added self-service verification gates, and the customs also has manual inspection + self-service gate verification. In this way, the turnstiles divert passengers from manual inspections, which greatly relieves the pressure of queuing, reduces the waiting time of passengers in line, and reduces the workload of staff. This is very convenient for the staff and passengers!



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