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About us

Deren is a family-owned company since 2011. Deren business is divided into two parts: In domestic market, Deren is working on heavy-duty machines and automatic entrance. Deren have been representing Bobcat in Chinese market, Bobcat as the leading skip steer loader provider has over 100 different accessories to meet different applications' requirements. With the increasing export needs our long-term cooperators for doors and access controls, we started door business for export. And our products for export now include:

1. automatic doors,

2. Turnstiles

3.Garage doors,industrial doors, sliding gate openers, swing gate openers

4. Automatic boom barriers and automatic hydraulic bollards, semi-automatic bollards and manual bollards.

5. Spare parts, sensors and controls for above products

Deren products are CE approved. With good relationship with leading Chinese suppliers, we offer competitive price and professional after-sales service for our worldwide clients.



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