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What is semi automatic sliding door?

Sliding door includes automatic sliding door, manual sliding door and semi-automatic sliding door. Most sliding door factory offer one or two categories for different users’ application. Sliding doors are mostly used in Australia, UK, US, India, UAE, Malaysia, Canada, Indonesia, Vietnam.

Semi-automatic sliding door is a new category of sliding door family. Unlike the fully automatic sliding door either open through radar or other motion sensors, semi-automatic sliding door needs to be opened manually.

Compared to the automatic sliding door closing by electric drive force through DC brushless motor or DC brush motor, the semi-automatic sliding door are mostly closed automatically through:

·spring drive unit

·Hydraulic brake unit

·Air cylinder brake

·Pneumatic brake

to achieve gently closing function of the sliding door. So semi-automatic sliding door also sometimes called self-closing sliding door.

Also compare to automatic sliding door, semi-automatic sliding door have very advanced features when applied to office buildings, schools, factories, labs, homes, kitchens, etc. where a certain group of people mostly stayed for below reasons:

- High efficiency with economic price compare to automatic type

-work without power, battery and sensor, less buying cost and maintaining cost. Even less installation time compare to automatic sliding door.

- Compact size, beautiful design

- Easy installation and adjustment

- Primary door opening torque is very light

- Semi-automatic sliding door has stopper at the end of movement for necessary situation

- Appliable for framed/frameless door leaf, wooden door leaf by choosing different accessories.

- As option, semi-automatic sliding door has stainless steel model to avoid corrosion

- As option, semi-automatic sliding door can add extra damper to avoid strike door on opening

In total, the reason choose semi-automatic door depending on price, application, maintaining cost, stability, that is the total cost that you want to pay to gain a quite comfortable opening solution.



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