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How to deal with the bollards indicator light is not lit

The hydraulic bollards, with its good anti-collision performance and convenient operation, is used in schools, institutions and other places, and plays an important role in ensuring the safety of the place. The indicator light of the bollard plays a role of warning vehicles at night, and the warning light If it does not light up, you can check and deal with it from the following aspects. Bollard is a kind of security equipment that can be flexibly raised and lowered and has good anti-collision performance. Its main function is to intercept and block out-of-control vehicles, so as to keep the danger out of the school gate.

When the indicator light failed, please do the following steps to check:

1. Check whether the connector is in good condition, and reconnect the lamp beads or lamp strips.

2. The lamp bead or lamp strip is burned out, replace the lamp bead or lamp strip with the same type

3. The line is damaged, just repair the line in this case

4, the switching power supply is damaged, replace the switching power supply

5. Check whether the intermediate relay of the control lamp bead or the lamp belt is damaged or loose, and replace or tighten the loose part.

6. Check whether all the circuit routes linking the lamp beads or light strips are damaged or loose and virtual connections, and repair the damaged and loose virtual connection terminals.

Deren automatic bollard adopts hydraulic drive mode, and the lifting speed is less than four seconds. It has the advantages of fast lifting speed, easy maintenance, high reliability, and long service life. Its business covers 30 countries around the world and its products are widely used in important institutions. Received unanimous praise.



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