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Hermetic sliding door structure

Hermetic sliding door, also called hermetic door for short, is a sliding door that integrates airtight, sound insulation, heat preservation, compression resistance, dustproof, fireproof and radiation protection. Generally used in hospitals, food factories, industrial plants and other places with high requirements for sound insulation, heat insulation and air tightness. The hermetic door can form an isolated space to form a certain negative pressure in the room, that is, the indoor pressure is lower than the outdoor pressure, and the outdoor pressure acts on the door body to close the door body tightly to ensure that the indoor air purification due to less leakage.So mostly the hermetic sliding doors can be used at the entrance of operating room and clean room.
The five main components of the airtight door are: door frame, door body, see-through window, anti-collision tape, sealing rubber strip, and slide rail.
1. Door frame, hermetic door frame can be made of aluminum alloy or steel door body
2. The door body is generally a sandwich structure, with heat insulation and sound insulation materials in the middle, and the panels on both sides are firmly combined with the frame through the technology of pressing panels. Airtight doors of various materials, such as PVC, aluminum alloy, aluminum-wood composite airtight doors, steel airtight doors, etc. The surface can be sprayed according to customer requirements.
3. The see-through window is usually made of double-layer hollow tempered glass and covered with aluminum alloy. If used as an X-ray room, lead glass can also be used.
4. Anti-collision belt, installed on the outside of the door to prevent collision
5. Sealing strips are used to seal around the door and stick to the wall to prevent air leakage.
6. The sliding rail, generally made of aluminum, is used to hide the drive motor and the hanging wheels.



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