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Access control system solutions for entrance

How do you open the door when you enter your apartment entrance door? Do you swipe your card, QR code, or face recognition when you enter and exit the community or office every day? Or not at all, but "scanning" with the naked eye of the security guard? Which way do you prefer?

The communities and office areas where we live are crowded and numerous, including owners, tenants, visitors, property management personnel, etc.

01 Pain points

1. Unidentified people took the opportunity to enter the community

2. Frequent thefts cause poor owners’ sense of experience and insufficient sense of residential security

3. After the thief steals in the community, it is convenient to transfer or send the items out of the community|

4. Endless door-to-door sales personnel

5. Children's safety hazards

6. The owner’s residential property safety guarantee

7. Frequent security guards mistakenly let in familiar strangers in by mistake

8. Groups of troublemakers break into the community

02 Solution

With the empowerment of artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things, and big data, the management of pedestrian entrances and exits can be transformed from manual management to management using smart gates. The intelligent induction IC card residential community access control management system can help you solve some of the tedious problems faced in property management, improve work efficiency, improve the community environment, and allow property managers to manage more easily and effectively, and make owners and residents safer , Living in a more orderly community environment.

03 Way of access

Face recognition, QR code recognition, and card recognition, customers can choose a recognition method that suits them according to their actual needs. Under the upsurge of artificial intelligence, face recognition is the current hot choice, with the best user experience; non-inductive passage, the most convenient; cannot be forged or counterfeited, and is the safest. In terms of user experience and security, it is recommended to use face recognition.

04 Deren perimeter security solution

Deren focus on perimeter security solution for 8 years, we offer various turnstiles such as tripod, swing gate, wing gate, flap barrier, full height turnstile and face recogintion for temperature monitoring.



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