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Deren automatic swing door operator parameter comparison

Deren offer best selling automatic swing door operators,to show details parameter of each model like max. door weight, opening angle, opening speed, way of closing to compare for your kind choice.

Way of installation Top surface mounted
Arm type Sliding& Pull arm optional
Way of opening Electric Electric Electric Electric
Way of closing Electric Electric Spring force Spring force
Max. door weight 120kg 200kg 350kg 180kg
Door dim. 600-1400mm 800-1800mm 700-1400mm 700-1250mm
Opening angle 110° 115° 45-99° adjustable 70-95°
Opening/closing speed 45°/s adjustable 45°/s adjustable 45°/s adjustable 45°/s adjustable
Hold open time 0-20s adjustable 0-60s adjustable 3-9s adjustable 1-305 adjustable
Operator weight 5.5kg 6kg 16kg 11.3kg
Protection class IP 21 IP 21 IP 20 IP 21
Input voltage AC 100-240V AC 100-240V AC 110V/230V AC 110/230V



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