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How much is an electric gate opener?

What is a swing gate opener?

Swing gate opener also sometimes named as automatic swing gate or automatic swing gate opener. The swing gate  motor has DC motor and AC motor two types. The swing gate openers is an electric gate opener to open the drive way gate by making it swing inwards or outwards and keep the gate open for authorized traffic, mostly through remote controller. And after using the gate, the gate will back to the original position automatically without further signal given.

From power input type, Deren could also offer electric swing gate opener or solar gate opener.

How much is an electric gate opener?

Basically  to install an electric gate you should consider the cost of below parts:

1. Gate expense: it differs from materials,finish and size, there are various gate materials such as metal gate, wood gate, iron gate.

2.Posts cost: that used to hide  the electrical wirings

3.Concret: This needs to be considered when choosing different swing gate producer's model.

4. Swing gate opener kit with gate motor and arm

5. Installation cost.

Mostly it depends on a lot of factors, the installation of a swing gate would cost from USD2,000-12,000.



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