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What is the features of semi automatic sliding door?

What is Semi Automatic Sliding Door?

Semi Automatic Sliding Door also sometimes named as Self Close Sliding Door, the door is opened manually but closes automatically with cylinder mechanism.

What is the features of semi automatic sliding door?

The key feature for semi automatic sliding door is no need of electric power supply but could close the sliding door softly and automatically after every pass. The application of self close sliding door mechanism allow the sliding door close whenever no users and reduce the air exchange. Whilst compare to automatic sliding door, the semi-automatic door has very significant features:

 1. No motor, no drive unit and control unit, unit cost is greatly reduced, with less than half price of automatic door, you will get a sliding door with automatic close function

2. No need of power supply, more energy saving compare to automatic doors

3. No need radar or motion sensors, no electrical parts, the installation is easier and less time needed, less installation cost, even less repair cost.

4. Adjustable closing speed and opening size. The max. Door opening width could up to 1100mm for single sliding and 2200mm for double sliding.

5. More silent operation compare to automatic door operators.



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