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How to choose sliding door?

Sliding doors offer an elegant and beautiful entrance either for your home or for your office. With so many choices and options out there, how do you choose your sliding door to fit your opening? Here we've got several practical tips may help you in choosing sliding door.

1. Consider the design of opening

First thing that you should consider is about the design, is the design of Deren sliding doors fit the design style of your home or office? Will a framed sliding door or a frameless glass sliding door matches aesthetices of your home? A framed sliding door will be more suitable for a traditional and classic style, while a frameless glass sliding door may more fit modern design.

2. Choose right glass type for different applications

There so many types of glass that may used for home and office such as Low-E glass, laminate glass, tempered glass,double glazing glass, tint glass, low-iron glass, decorative glass and glass with built-in blinds(either manual or electrical, depending on your budget, surely the electric is a bit expensive than manual one)

The glass color could be an important factor which suits your home design, if you want to use the sliding door on balcony, when the heat protection would be key concern, you could choose Low-E glass to prevent heat exchange. And if your key concern is the enjoy the sun light, the low-iron glass would be a better choice. Also the decorative glass could protect your privacy and suit your interior design.


For most of automatic sliding doors, they adopt either totally glass door leaves with glass clamps or aluminum frames with glass door leaves. Out of design need, you could choose either of them which suit your design style best. The aluminum door frame mostly offer various finish:

1) RAL powder coating, with more than hundreds of colors for options

2) Stainless steel cladding either by true color stainless steel or colored stainless steel.

3) Anodizing finish on the door frame, this offer new metal color on aluminum frame which could last more than 20 years, while processing the finish may lead to environmental problems which mostly less recommended.


3. How do I choose from below options

Currently most sliding door supplier supply with below 5 types of options

1)Standard Sliding Doors

Standard sliding doors have two panels, one sliding leaf and one fixed leaf. Either it is manual or automatic, mostly such door fit opening width less than 3m. The sliding leaf will move along the aluminum track which fixed to lintel. And there is right-handed or left-handed optional for standard sliding door..

2)French-Style Sliding Doors

French-style sliding glass doors have wider stiles and rails where you could use them as traditional decor.

3)4-leaf Sliding Doors

A 4-leaf sliding glass door has two sliding leaves that overlap on either side with two stationary leaves. These doors create a wide, beautiful entryway that provides a beautiful view and lets in a lot of light. An standard 4 leaf sliding door suits opening width around from 3m to 6m.

4)Bi-Fold Sliding Doors

A bi-fold sliding door is made of two leaves connected by hinges. When you open a bi-fold door, it folds up against itself. There are also options for manual open or automatic open version.

5)Pocket Sliding Doors

Pocket sliding doors slide into a pocketinside the wall the door opens. The pocket sliding door take up less floor space than other doors.

4. Consider the Doors Location

Where you need to install the sliding door, mostly it is recommended to install framed sliding door for outdoor bigger opening application.

If the opening is limited while you may need a bigger opening, bi-fold sliding door would be a good option. Choose suitable door type and size for your home.


5. Consider the maintaining cost

Basically, the manual sliding door need less maintaining, the automatic sliding door require regular check for electrics for safety consideration. Manual sliding door need take care of mechanisms like rollers, belts.

Choose the best sliding door for your home or office requires more consideration not just personal preference and style, function, opening size also needs to be consider.




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