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How many types of barrier gate are there?

Barrier gate, also known as boom barrier or boom barrier gate is becoming part of our daily life, and the barrier gate,are often used for manage the access of vehicles at highway toll, checking point, parking lots of public area such as shopping mall, train station,airports, hospitals.

Boom barrier gate, are mostly seen as a bar or a pole to work as a barrier instead of a real gate. And it will give access to those authorized vehicles either after payment or authorization.

How many types of boom barrier gate are there?

It depends on how do you define the barrier gate:

1. According to the performance of the control part:

·Electromechanical barriers,

·digital barriers,

·smart barriers, smart barriers have LED display and voice broadcast functions.

2. By arm type:

·Straight arm, quick pass for outdoor application, arm length from 2-6m.

·Folding arm most receommended for indoor parking lots where has height limits.

·advertising arm where advertising needed

·Fence arm, for blocking uninvited personal or pets

3. By driving power type:

·DC motor

·AC motor

4. Based on landing speed:

· Fast barrier,

· Medium speed barrier,

· Slow barrier

5. Based on installation direction,

· Left barrier gate,

·Right barrier gate

What is the cost composition of the boom barrier gate?

An automatic barrier gate include: the control cabinet, arm, ground induction coil. The material of control cabinet, the driving power type, different arm type differs the price of a barrier gate. Basically, the faster opening speed and longer arm, the higher price a boom barrier.

Each Deren boom barrier gate is pre-assembled and tested in our factory to ensure the good quality for each product.



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