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How to lock your glass sliding door?

Glass sliding door offer a transparent design for your office, room. And it does look elegant.While considering safety and security, you should know how to lock your glass sliding door.

Why do you need to lock your glass sliding door?

·Most of slider are made of laminated glass or tempered glass. The visibility of glass makes your home/office totally transparent for others

·Some of sliding door do not offer a lock

But there are still ways to block the uninvited.

How many ways to lock your glass sliding door?

It primary depends on what type of sliding door operator you are adopting. There are basically 4 types of locks recommended for the glass sliding door:

1.      Manual lock: on the vertical door frame/ on the bottom frame/ door clamps.

2.      Electric lock on top of the operator, it could be categorized into

·Electric plug lock

·Electric magnetic lock

3.      Electric motor lock

4.      Electric lock on the glass door leaves

How to lock your sliding doors?

It depends on door structure and controller type. Most of glass sliding door with slim aluminum profile or with glass clamps to hold the glass sliding leaves.

1.      Manual lock: Lock glass sliding door which with profile or glass clamps, you could choose manual lock, such kind of lock could be placed either through lock on the profile/frame of door leaf, or lock the door on the door clamp

2.      Electric lock through controller, those either electric plug lock or electric magnetic lock are connect to the terminal of each controller of sliding door, which allow the door lock when switch to lock mode.

3.      Motor lock is type of lock the motor from working to realize lock function.

4.      The last but most recent innovation of lock is glass lock, Deren glass sliding door lock with built-in LCD screen, it could offer three ways of intelligent opening:

·Fingerprint- through semiconductor fingerprint module

·Password-touch screen

·Card reading

It also available for frameless glass sliding door installation with door hook.

You could choose any suitable way to lock your sliding door, with a small investigation of your slider, either it is manual or automatic, what type of operator it use, what type of terminal it offers to decide what type of lock you use.

The digital glass lock would definitely a best way of lock while it does not work well on a manual slider.

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