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Deren Door Division Notice for Delivery

With the Chinese government re-planning electricity, our factory production maybe affected in the few months.

The standard delivery for automatic door operators is 10-15days normally, we may take 15-20days to finish orders. 

The average delivery for hermetic doors takes 15-21 days, we may take 20-28days.
The average delivery for folding doors takes 14-21 days, we may takes 20-25 day.

The average delivery for turnstiles takes 10-15days, we may take 15-20days.

The average delivery for barrier gate takes 10-15days, we may take 15-20days.

The standard delivery for bollards and perimeter security products normally takes 15-20 days, we may take 21-28days.
Please kindly be noted for above change. And we will try our best to delivery every current order on time as promised, for your future order until end of this year, please do plan a bit earlier due to current situation.
Thank you for your constant support and trust.
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