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What is a swing door?

A swing door operator, mostly called automatic swing door operator or swing door opener is an electric device that operate the swing door for pedestrian use.

Automatic swing door belongs to the automatic door family as mostly the automatic swing door will be opened automatically by electricity when the approaching sensor, touch/touchless sensor, radar/ key pad is activated, or biometrics recognition or authorization passed, the signal will passed on to the MDU ( main control unit) of the operator and MDU will give signal to its driving motor to swing the door open automatically. Then the operator will hold the door open for a set period to allow pedestrian pass then close by electricity or spring force.

Deren automatic swing door operator could be categorized as below

DRW 100 and DRW200 are interior use swing door operator, electric open the door and electric close the door.

DRI 150 and DRW 350 are for interior use heavy swing door operator, with more options in functions and spring close function, they could also work for ADA application.

With strong R&D capability, Deren offers a full line of automatic swing door operator both for every pedestrian door from light duty to heavy duty.

Our swing door operator could be mounted in many ways to suit different site requirements.

~Overhead installation

~Overhead surface installation

~Overhead concealed installation

~Underground concealed installation



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