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Manual folding doors

  • DRFM manual folding door
DRFM manual folding door

DRFM manual folding door

  • Deren DRFM manual folding doors offer framed folding doors, frameless glass folding doors
  • Product description: Deren is a professional folding doors company supply folding doors include: automatic folding doors(bi-folding door),manual folding doors, glass folding door for indoor, outdoor, pation, shower room,

Aluminum frame manual folding doors has many advantages:
·Various colors and finish optional suitable for different decorative style.
·Effectively saving space, compare to swing doors, less space required,compare with sliding doors, bigger opening.
·Easy to operate, Deren folding doors profile is horizontal moving through top and bottom rack,multi-fold to the side, push or pull to open
·Suitable where bigger opening required: balcony, sitting room,dinning room, kitchen, partitions, patios, meeting rooms
·The aluminum alloy frame has very good performance in heat insulation, moisture proof, noise reduction and sound insulation,corrosion resistance compare to wooden doors. Should higher thermal requirement, Deren thermal break folding doors are for your choice.


DRFM-35 Slim profile manual folding doors

DRFM-40 Slim profile manual folding doors

DRFM-68 Clamp--proof manual folding doors

DRFM-75 Thermal break manual folding doors

DRFM-85 Heavy duty manual folding doors

DRFM-120 Hurrican-proof manual folding doors

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