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Drilling rig

Deep waterwell drilling rig

  • Drilling Depth:150m(Ø76)/300m(Φ89)/450m(Ø102)/600m(Ø114)
  • Max.diameter of working floor(mm) :Φ330/Φ400/Φ500/Φ610/Φ820
  • Max.lifting capacity(KN) :160/280/360/100/1200
  • Product description: Xuzhou Construction Machinery Group Co., Ltd. Drilling Equipment - Water Well Drilling Rigs and Equipment, Drilling Rigs, Equipment, Parts and Service

Why do you choose XCMG deep water well drilling rig?

1.XCMG water well drilling rig uses Yuchai III stage engine. Electronic control of fuel injection, lower fuel consumption and more environmentally friendly; the use of electronic control technology effectively reduces the phenomenon of traveling, spinning, and white smoke; it can automatically display the engine fault code for easy maintenance. 

2. Mature and reliable hydraulic top drive head. The main shaft adopts a large bearing capacity, and the drilling accuracy is higher; the main shaft seal adopts a multi-group seal design to ensure the sealing effect; the air faucet adopts the company's proprietary sealing technology and has a long service life. 

3. Roller sliding telescopic drill mast. Using forklift C-shaped steel, the structure is stable and the strength is high; the power head and the drill mast inner section, the drill mast inner section and the drill mast outer section all use rollers to slide, with low wear and high drilling accuracy. 

4. Unique hydraulic matching technology. Multi-pump combined flow technology to minimize system heating and fuel consumption; integrated fine feed system, low pressure loss, can accurately adjust the drilling pressure according to the weight of the drilling tool in the hole; 

5. Safe and intimate detail design. Emergency stop buttons are set in multiple places to ensure the safety of machines and personnel; folding foot pedals are easy to operate. 

6. Great room for appreciation. Optional drill pipe box is convenient for ground source heat pump construction operations; optional foam pump can effectively reduce environmental pollution and improve slag discharge performance

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