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Who manufactures automatic sliding doors?

Deren as a professional automatic door and gate manufacturer supplies
~ Automatic sliding door include automatic sliding glass doors and automatic aluminum doors
~ Telescopic doors
~ Folding doors/bifolding doors
~Sliding gate openers and swing gate openers
~Hermetic doors
which are widely used at homes, retails, commercial buildings, healthcare and industrial area.

The automatic sliding doors, as the mostly used linear automatic doors, with easy installation, modular design, compatible with various door panel material optional, customizable for color and size with a wide range and etc. features are the reason that automatic sliding doors are chosen.


The leading international manufacturers include Dorma, Geze, Stanley, ASSA, Record, Gilgen, Horton, FAAC, Portalp and so as many other suppliers. Besides those leading international automatic doors manufacturers, there are also a lot of local suppliers and dealers for automatic sliding doors with different price level.


Deren as a Chinese automatic door provider, located in Ningbo, China, nearby our suppliers, and offer stable quality and cost-effective automatic sliding doors.



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