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What make a good underground swing door operator?

Whats an underground swing door operator?

A swing door is mostly called automatic swing door operator is a device that operate a swing door to open and close automatically for pedestrian passage.Normally the automatic swing door operator is designed to be installed overhead, where on top of the door leaf or lintel to push or pull the door to open. An underground swing door operator, like its name, is a device burried in ground to open and close the swing door automatically.


How is the underground swing door triggered and stopped?

Like most of other automatic doors and gates, the underground swing door could be triggered in either of below ways:

1. Approaching sensors, radars, motion sensors, the door will open automatically once the sensor is triggered.

2. Access control like face scanner, password pad, fingerprint recognition system or other access control system who give authorization for the user to enter, the door will open automatically.

3. Push buttons include wave to open sensor and foot sensor for touchless control requirement.


After the underground swing door is triggered to open, most of well-designed underground swing door operator will start an opening cycle: the underground unit will start up--speedup--constant speed--deceleration to the position--totally stopped.


Observe the opening cycle of each under-drive unit is a key access to learn how an in-ground swing door operator works.


How to ensure the water-tightness for underground swing door?

The under drive swing door requires a high water resistant compare to overhead doors. As the water always goes down, the under drive pit is mostly where water would like to go.

1. Well-designed water drainage system is required, to have drainage pipe around the pit and lead a drainage pipe out from the pit.

2. Built-in water resistant sealing-- through gaskets and EPDM ring to seal and cabling should be sealed with glue.

3. Water tightness test before shipment is essentially to keep every unit is well protected.


Why underground swing door is chosen?

Compare to overhead swing door operator, the underground unit does have hard to repair, repairing cost is high(mostly need to remove the door leaf) and bigger potential for leakage of water. While it has a significant key feature that the control and drive unit is hidden to offer a clear opening where a neat automatic opening is required.



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