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Deren will launch soft close sliding door hardware/mechanism for glass door and wooden door in international market

Deren door division soft close sliding door hardware allows the manual sliding door to close smoothly without bouncing or slamming shut of sliding door. The soft close sliding door hardware also eliminates pinch points, reduces noise, and extends the lifespan of doors and hardware. Meanwhile, the soft close accessory is an easy to install option and also available for new or retrofit applications.

Deren door division soft close sliding door hardware are available for below application:

·soft close accessory for retrofit

·soft close barn sliding door

·soft close pocket sliding door

·soft close manual sliding door

·soft close synchronized sliding door

·soft close wooden door

·soft close glass door

·soft close folding sliding door

·soft close telescopic sliding door

Deren soft close sliding door Features:

· Facilitates quiet and controlled operation even under aggressive use

· Reduces pinch points and risk of accidental injury

· Reduces wear and tear on door and hardware

· Robust and highly durable design

Deren soft close damper system allows the door yo close sliding door allows the door close softly. And some soft close sliding door system are compatible with self-close spring box, which allows the door slowly close to position without bouncing and slamming. For more details please follow us either on linkedin or our website.



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