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How many glass sliding door lock types are there?

There are many types of locks could be applied to sliding doors, depending on security level, door thickness and application. To know what’s their strength and weakness and cost, then we could make the right choice and saving money meanwhile.

Most common seen types are mechanical lock, which could be categorized as below:

·Mortise hook bolt lock

·Keyed plug/patio lock

·  Handle lock

1.      Mortise lock is mostly common locks for manual and automatic sliding doors, the lock body is hidden inside of sliding door leaf which is invisible from each side of the door if look from far. And it is a hooked lock which suitable for indoor application.

2.      Keyed plug/patio lock are mostly used where the door is prebuilt and lock to be added after. The keyed locks are mounted into/onto the door frame, most of such lock are made of diecast iron or aluminum, which is very durable for operation.

3.      Handle lock is a light duty design for sliding doors, mostly used for manual slim profile sliding doors which applied for home and office. The slim design make it perfectly match the appearance for sliding doors, some handle lock are built-in with magnetic lock which make it key free, with a switch to open and lock the door.

There also bunches of options for electric locks and intelligent locks, such as glass sliding door digital lock, electrotechnical lock, electromagnetic lock

1.  The digital lock, also named as smart lock, there are many ways of access for smart lock, it could be fingerprint access, face recognition, card swiping, smartphone opening. Deren smart lock could use as commercial application which could be applied up to 500 users with password/ fingerprint, card swiping to unlock the door. It could also work with attendance system   or remote-control system to unlock the door.

2. Electromagnetic lock, it is a traditional automatic lock for sliding door, yet they might be difficult for installation but they are cost effective choice.



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