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With the spreading of Covid, the touchless entrance design is becoming a necessity for public area, and with no doubt, automatic doors has significant performance by less contact, timely opening and closing and efforts free for entranceway, enhance reduce energy waste by reducing indoor and outdoor air exchange by an early MIT research.

While for some less public area, we do suggest Deren semi-automatic sliding door, which is totally a electricity-free mechanism to allow the manual sliding doors to close automatically after pass.

The reason that we think the semi-automatic sliding door mechanism is better is as below:
·High efficiency with economic price compare to automatic sliding door, less than half cost of automatic type.

·Semi-automatic sliding door work without power, battery and sensor, less buying cost and maintaining cost. Even less installation time compare to automatic type.

·Semi-automatic sliding door with stopper at the end of movement for necessary situation

·With hold open magnet to keep sliding door open

Also semi-automatic slider are suitable for aluminum door, glass doors and wooden doors.

It also timely close to reduce air exchange while at the same time it does not require electricity.



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