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Bollards are widely used for parking lots, road, street and driveway to control road traffic and protect the pedestrians and structures from colliding or crashing by the vehicles. The bollards usually belong to perimeter security products. There are many types of materials of bollards: concrete bollard(s)stainless steel bollards, steel bollard(s), plastic bollards. And among them, metal bollard(s), mostly are stainless steel or steel, they could be made into automatic bollard(s), retractable bollards, removable bollards, fixed bollards. And plastic bollards are mostly used for temporary removable barrier where less security and safety required.

The purpose of a bollard is mainly to protect the building or direct traffic flow. Bollards are mostly used to create a safety area which embraced by bollard barriers. The bollards are used on streets, parking lots, construction sites and in front of buildings. Where bollards are installed, a secure pathway is created to keep pedestrians and building structure safe.

Deren offers bollards made of carbon steel and stainless steel. And we offer customize service in color, size, steel thickness and brands.

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