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Sliding door operator( or sliding door opener, automatic sliding door operator) is a device that drive a sliding door for pedestrian or pets' use, it either open and close the door automatically or close the sliding door automatically. To choose a reliable sliding door operator, firstly we should know either the sliding door is installed outdoor or indoor, and what specific application the door is.

  1. Category of sliding door:
  • From way of opening and closing: Sliding door could be categorized as manual sliding door, automatic sliding door, semi-automatic sliding door( also known as self close/closing sliding door)
  • From shapes: Sliding door could be categorized as linear sliding door, full circular sliding door, semi-circular sliding door, segment sliding door
  • From way of application: Standard sliding door, all glass sliding door, hermetic sliding door.
  • Telescopic sliding door.
  1. Application: Due to different IP protection class, some sliding door operator is specially designed for interior use only which used as a movable partition, office door. Those sliding door applied for outdoor mostly are installed for commercial use like retailer stores, shopping mall, car showing room, exhibition centers or where there is large people flow need quick safe pass like airport, train station, subway, theater, bank, hospital. For such application, we suggest to use heavy duty sliding door operator(also sometimes called commercial use sliding door operators)
  2. Way of control: There are variety way of control for sliding door to open and close. This is also means the way of triggering an automatic sliding door.
  • Radar sensor, approach sensor, presence sensor, infrared sensor, motion sensor, these type of sensor open the sliding door when someone approaches it.
  • Push button, wave to open button, the door opens when someone presses a button. For hygiene requirement due to Covid 19, push button are gradually replaced by wave to open button or other type way of opening.
  • Access control system-  The sliding door will open if the access control system decides the user is authorized to go through.
  • Interlock signal, for some application to achieve air tightness, two sliding doors will be installed parallelly and with interlock function, the two sliding doors will NOT open at the same time, when one slider is open, another will be keep locked.
  • Remote control, most of sliding door could work with a remote controller to realize open by remote control when needed.
  • Biometrics, for some application, security is needed and biometrics like face scanning, fingerprint, iris recognition are applied to open the door, when the data matches to the stored info. the door will open automatically.
  • Password keypad which could also be an way of opening when the right password input, the sliding door will open.



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