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  • Foot switch sensor
Foot switch sensor

Foot switch sensor

  • Foot sensor switch
  • Activation sensor by foot
  • Product description: Foot sensor switch are used for activated the automatic doors by foot, which are mostly used for hermetic sliding doors for hygiene purpose.

DR209-SF foot activation sensor for automatic doors is kind of photoelectric activation sensor for opening of an automatic door. It is a pedal switch for door opening and installed above floor, where hands are full or direct touch is not allowed for hygiene requirements. The pedal switch is applied mostly in operation rooms of hospital or healthcare facility, cleaning room for labs.

Technical Parameters:

·        Power supply: AC/DC 12-30V

·        Power consumption:82mA

·        Supervisory signal:4.5S MA

·        Beam Count: Single or double beam

·        Working Temperature: -20℃~+55℃

·        Dimension:
105.5(L) x 53.4(W) x 28.5(H)mm (Controller box)
19mm x 13mm (Photocell eyes )
186mm x 175mm x 53mm(Fitting size)

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