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DRZ207 Barrier gate

  • DRZ207 Barrier Gate
  • DRZ207 Barrier Gate
DRZ207 Barrier GateDRZ207 Barrier Gate

DRZ207 Barrier Gate

  • Rapid opening:1.8-5s
  • Arm length:3-4m
  • Arm type: Straight/Folding/Oval shape/anti-collision oval shape boom/Luminous
  • Dimension (L*W*H):385x340x1080mm
  • Product description: Deren smart boom barrier gates are appliable in commercial and industrial application, such as parking lots and garages to control the access of vehicles

Products Features :

1.Key Features:

Smart guidance breathing light: real-time monitoring of the gate statuses (open, closed, peak) through the breathing lights for easy access

DC drive bushless motor--smoothly handle high-frequency use

Multiple boom types to meet different needs, especially for the property management.

2. Robust:
◆ High-strength carbon steel splicing frame-overall structure is solid and reliable
◆ Brand-new spraying process-uniform color, high saturation, high hardness layer for improving corrrosion resistance and weather resistance
◆ Integrated movement design- gate runs stably and core components are resistant to wear

3. Safe & Reliable:

Boom auto rebound protection-detect obstruction and boom rebound
Operation jam protection-the control system can automatically reduce the voltage and
current to prevent the motor from being burned out
Comprehensive anti-crushing protections: infrared anti crushing, radar anti crushing, digital
anti crushing, loop detector for anti crushing
Digital control technology - protect gate operation in whole process, such as boom
limit position protection, ambient temperature compensation protection, anti-blocking
protection, illegal lifting alarm and record, etc.

4.Four Opening Methods

◆ Gate boom opened by loop detector
◆ Gate boom opened by PMS (“Parking Management System”) software
◆ Gate boom opened by remote control
◆ Gate boom opened by motor (There is a knob on motor and only be used in emergency)

Electric Specifications

Power supply


Operating Temperature


Relative Humidity


Motor Power


Communication Interface



3 mio cycles

IP Rating


Height of Boom


Dimension (L*W*H)


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