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As a rising trend for automatic doors’ application, more and more people install glass sliding doors, automatic doors for its beautiful and elegant design for home, office, and commercial and industrial area.

The using of fully automatic sliding door closer has significant benefits in public area, the touch free entrance allows people get through the entrance without touching, contacting of the door handle and greatly reduce the possibility of induction. While the cost of install automatic doors is averagely high, around USD 1500 to USD3000, the cost is comparably higher.

For those for internal use sliding doors, mostly they are manual. The door leaf unavoidable bouncing during close cycle. Also in those hot and cold area, you can hardly get your full hands free to close the door again. In such cases, we do suggest Deren semi-automatic sliding door closer, which allows your manual sliding door to close gently and automatically.

The semi-automatic door closer price is less than USD200, and with less than USD1000 you will have your own semi-automatic sliding door!




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