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Sliding doors are widely used at balcony, patio,wardrobe, garage,kitchen for home application. Commercial glass sliding door are mostly used at shopping mall,airport, office building wherever a sliding door is, it always offers an elegant transparent beautiful opening.

If you would like to replace or install a sliding door, you need consult with local sliding door installation company for cost and advise.

The cost of sliding doors mostly depends on control type,basically, cost from high to low: automatic sliding door, semi-automatic sliding doors, manual sliding door . It also differs the cost for aluminum sliding doors between sliding glass doors. Ask the supplier to quote sliding door prices with same dimension but different configurations and you will know the cost difference. While if the supplier happens to have sliding door for sale, the price might be a bit lower.

The cost to install sliding doors depends on:

How far the installer needs to drive and how long time it takes to finish the installation. Mostly, the installation of sliding door needs more than one installer, and they mostly charge per hour. Communicate with installer before they coming, some basics you may pay attention to is:

Is the sliding door already on site? If yes, mostly, if the installers are not the provider of the sliding doors, you’d better check the package

1.Check the package and see if there is any damage

2.Open the package either carton or crate, check if there is any damage of glass.Mostly sliding doors adopt laminated glass

·Check if there is any bubbles in between the laminated glass?

·Check if any damage of

3.If it is aluminum sliding doors, check the profiles, and see if the profiles are well-wrapped, is there any scratches?

4.Check the connection parts if there is any rust?

5.Last but most important, put all the sliding door parts back and in order for ready installation.

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