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DRW200 Swing door operator

  • DRW200 Swing Door Operator
  • DRW200 Swing Door Operator
  • DRW200 Swing Door Operator
DRW200 Swing Door OperatorDRW200 Swing Door OperatorDRW200 Swing Door Operator

DRW200 Swing Door Operator

  • Max.door weight:200kg
  • Dimension:515*80*115mm(L*W*H)
  • Working voltage:A200-250V,50/60Hz
  • Operator weight:8kg
  • Product description: Deren DRW200 Economic Swing Door Operator,electric open, electric close

With increased needs for touchless solution for your building entrance, automatic swing door operator become a neccessity, equip with radar or touchless sensor, it could be quick , easy and safe access any entrances, classrooms, toilets, corridors & staff rooms to help create contactfree environments and effectively reduce the spread of virus being transmitted via door handles and switches.

Products Features :

1.Electric open electric close swing door operator, complete unit with pull arm or push arm optional.

2.Synchronous function allows two swing door operators work Synchronously

3.Built-in interlock function, suitable for winter or where temperature, air exchange is considered

4.Optional UPS power supply for fire alarm or emergency application

5.LED display indicates working condition or problems.

6.Built-in anti-clamp sensor terminal for higher safety requirement.

7. CE approval, 10,000,000 times cycle testing with no faults.


Dim (L*W*H)


Door leaf width(mm)


Opening angle


Opening/closing speed

3-10s adjustable

Hold open time

0-60s adjustable

Lock function

Remote/automatic lock

Remote control mode

Normally open, lock,automatic,

Working voltage




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