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Sliding gate

  • DTS Sliding turnstile
  • DTS Sliding turnstile
  • DTS Sliding turnstile
  • DTS Sliding turnstile
DTS Sliding turnstileDTS Sliding turnstileDTS Sliding turnstileDTS Sliding turnstile

DTS Sliding turnstile

  • Cabinet material:304/316 stainless steel
  • Wing material:Organic glass
  • Lane width:400-900mm
  • Finish: brushed/satin/mirror
  • Product description: All Deren secured entry solutions can easily be integrated with virtually any access control system. Card readers, fingerprint readers, face recognition or other authorization systems can be integrate

Products Features :

◆ Office building ,Government,School,Hotel,Super market,BankPark

2. Turnstile Specifications:
◆ Cabinet Customized Features: 304 (Standard) / 316 grade stainless steel
◆ Thickness: 1.5mm (Standard) / 2.0mm
◆ Finishing: Brushed surface (Standard) / Polishing surface
◆ Material of Obstacle/Wing: Acrylic (Default)) / Tempered glass (Optional)
◆ Passage Width: 550mm (Default) / 900mm (Max)

3.Customized Features:
◆ Alternative Materials, Finishes and Custom Design

◆ Access Control System Integration
◆ Ticket System Integration
◆ Camera System Integration
◆ Thermostat System Integration
◆ Remote-Controlled Button
◆ Usage Counters

Electric Specifications

Way of installation

Surface mounted

Power Voltage

AC220V / AC85 ~ 230V

Operation Voltage


Operation Current


Driving Motor

Brushless DC motor

Waterproof & Dustproof


Transit Speed

30 ~ 45 passage / minute

Control I/O

Relay Out (6CH) / Level Input (4CH) 

Working temperature

-20℃ ~ 60℃ 

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