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How automatic door touchless technology helps in the new normal

Automatic door and touchless technology help in the new normal

The covid makes our daily life not as common as before, people are more likely to keep social distance, wearing masks, washing hands oftenly than ever before. When they have to go to public area, they prefer touchless automatic doors, touchless temperature detection.

The new normal might last several months or years. The uncertainty regarding COVID or other virus might let the whole society remain on permanent alert. Intelligent door opening and closing products reduce the contact of door handle and the surface of the door leaves, in which way effectively reduce the rate of getting infected.

The COVID-19 pandemic has limited physical contact between people.Deren special designed touchless sensor, which is ideal for shared spaces, such as offices, hospitals,train stations, airport and shops. Busy places that require minimal contact between people. As well as its capacity to adapt to any environment, Deren touchless switch is extremely adaptable and can be applied to different types of door, such as sliding doors,swing doors, and hermetic doors, etc.

Also the touchless sensor is simple to use, it could replaced current push to open switch for existing rooms and buildings where it is needed.

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