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How turnstiles manage people flow?

Turnstiles are designed to restrict or control the access to building or secure area where only authorized

personnel could access.

Normally turnstiles are combined by the physical security and the access control system,which normally include software, card readers/QR code readers and controllers to manage people flow.

The turnstile rely on electronic/infrared beams and audible/visble interfaces to control entry normally named optical turnstiles, which alert others for the entry of unauthorized individuals by using sounds and lights.It is different from the mechanical turnstiles which physically restrain a person.

Turnstiles are perfect for subway stations,shopping malls,airports, libraries, office buildings where authorized personnel could pass.

According to ADA(the advent of the Americans with Disabilities Act), the physical turnstiles are not user-friendly for the disabled person.

Newest technological offerings in optical turnstiles include climb over detection software, biometrics and QR code reader integrations inside the cabinet, and built-in elevator destination dispatch screens often at 45 degree angle. Manufacturers can state their product reliability in terms of MCBF (Mean Cycles Between Failure) or in terms of warranties - usually between 1 and 5 years.

Slimlane swing glass optical turnstile with bar code readers and elevator destination dispatch screens

Following the global COVID-19 crisis, new hygiene oriented credentialing integrations became the focus for pedestrian entrance control manufacturers. Card readers and even some (fingerprint) biometric devices that require contact are expected to be largely replaced by contactless facial recognition, palm geometery, iris scan, and advanced handwave readers. Smartphone credentials that use wifi, cellular, and bluetooth technology are gaining interest for this purpose as well. Besides the obvious hygiene benefits of such new credentialing, security is also enhanced in the biometric case by the inability for biometrics to be stolen or shared between individuals.


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