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  • DRT 自动折叠门
  • DRT 自动折叠门
  • DRT 自动折叠门
  • DRT 自动折叠门
  • DRT 自动折叠门
DRT 自动折叠门DRT 自动折叠门DRT 自动折叠门DRT 自动折叠门DRT 自动折叠门

DRT 自动折叠门

  • Max door leaf weight:.2*150kg/4*120kg
  • Door leaf width:800-1300/1500mm
  • Opening/closing speed:100-550mm/s(adjustable)
  • All products are CE approval.
  • 产品描述:德仁生产自动套叠门,自动折叠门
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Deren DRT Telescopic door are specially designed for where limited space but need a wider opening. Compare to folding doors, telescopic doors slide in a linear way which require less operating space. An automatic telescopic sliding door offer an wider clear opening in limited space.
Deren DRT telescopic doors with min. Single door leaf width 800mm to max.1300mm per leaf. The telescopic sliding door slide in linear way of opening and closing with stable and quite performance.

DRT1000 telescopic door

DRT2000 telescopic door

DRT3000 telescopic door

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