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  • DRB-DC平滑门机


  • Power supply:220VAC,50Hz/110VAC,60Hz
  • Max.loading weight:500kg,800kg
  • Gate moving speed:16-18m/min
  • Motor power:24V,150W/180W
  • 产品描述:德仁经济平滑开门机机组
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Gate opener include sliding gate opener and swing gate opener. The key parts of sliding gate opener compose sliding gate motor, sliding gate track, sliding gate wheels, sliding gate roller, sliding gate lock those often named as sliding gate kit and gate hardware.The gate motor could DC motor or AC motor, or the power supply could be sunlight power.From gates materials, the sliding gate design has wooden sliding gate, steel sliding gate, metal sliding gate and etc.

Deren DRB-DC sliding gate openers integrated structure of motor and battery makes the installation more convenient.

Features :

·Auto stop when battery is in low power to avoid damaging the battery due to excessive charge

·Anti-clip function when hitting obstacles protect life and property.

·Indicator light shows error info. timely, makes installation and testing easier.

·Soeed and distance are adjustable according to the installation.

·Auto close function could be set on demand.

·Optional Infrared protections

Model DRB500DC DRB800DC
External size(mm) 280*271*228mmH*L*W
Power supply AC220V/50Hz;AC110V/60Hz
Max. loading weight 500kg 800kg
Motor power 280W 280W
Output shaft height 46mm 46mm
Limit switch Electric limit switch
Gate moving speed 16-18m/min
Remote control code Rolling code
Recording of up remotes 100 100
Remote Frequency 433.92Mhz 433.92Mhz
Remote control code Single button/three button
Working noise 58dB 58dB
Working temperature -20~70 -20~70
Package weight 10kg 11kg

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