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  • DRM80S 半自动平移门机组
  • DRM80S 半自动平移门机组
DRM80S 半自动平移门机组DRM80S 半自动平移门机组

DRM80S 半自动平移门机组

  • 高效节能环保
  • 半自动平移门无需电源,安装调试方便
  • 标配止挡块
  • 产品描述:Sliding door supplier with all kinds of sliding door include glass sliding door,automatic sliding door, manual sliding door, semi-automatic sliding door
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Sliding door includes automatic sliding door, manual sliding door and semi-automatic sliding door. Most sliding door factory offer one or two categories for different users’ application. Sliding doors are mostly used in Australia, UK, US, India, UAE, Malaysia, Canada, Indonesia, Vietnam.

Semi-automatic sliding door is a new category of sliding door family. Unlike the fully automatic sliding door either open through radar or other motion sensors, semi-automatic sliding door needs to be opened manually.

Compared to the automatic sliding door closing by electric drive force through DC brushless motor or DC brush motor, the semi-automatic sliding door are mostly closed automatically through:

·Mechanical drive unit

·Hydraulic brake unit

·Air cylinder brake

·Pneumatic brake

to achieve gently closing function of the sliding door. So semi-automatic sliding door also sometimes called self-close sliding door.

Deren DRM 80S semi automatic sliding door adopts mechanical drive unit with max. door weight  up to 120kg.

DRM80S components list

Semi-automatic sliding door(single open) component list
Item Qty. Remark
2.1m aluminum track 1 pc
Tooth track 1 pc Nylon
Left hanger 1 pc Zinc plated iron
Deceleration gear 4 pcs Black nylon
Right hanger 1 pc Zinc plated iron
Speed adjuster 1 pc
Stopper 1 pc Zinc plated iron
Hold open magnet 1 pc
Glass clamps

2 pcs


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