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  • DRZ206道闸
  • DRZ206道闸
DRZ206道闸 DRZ206道闸


  • Rapid opening:0.8-2s
  • Arm length<4m
  • Arm type: Straight/Folding/Luminous
  • Dimension (L*W*H):365×322×1049mm
  • 产品描述:Deren offer barrier gate system, gate barrier, boom barrier, boom barrier gate, boom gate, security barrier gate, vehicle barrier gate, smart boom barrier for intelligent vechicle parking management
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Products Features :

1.Key Features:

P-shaped guidance breathing light--When the gate is closed/open/in motion, the red/green/flashing light is on--mean "waiting"/ "passing"/"warning" respectively

DC drive bushless motor--smoothly handle high-frequency use of commercial premises

Collocation of boom pole lengths and boom types to meet different needs

Optimized structure design--dimensions optimized for transport on pallets and fast installation

Adopt non-contact monitoring & control technology -- operation is stable and jitter-free.

2. Robust:
◆ High-strength carbon steel splicing frame-overall structure is solid and reliable
◆ Brand-new spraying process-uniform color, high saturation, high hardness layer for improving corrrosion resistance and weather resistance
◆ Integrated movement design- gate runs stably and core components are resistant to wear

3. Safe & Reliable:

Boom auto rebound protection-detect obstruction and boom rebound
Operation jam protection-the control system can automatically reduce the voltage and
current to prevent the motor from being burned out
Comprehensive anti-crushing protections: infrared anti crushing, radar anti crushing, digital
anti crushing, loop detector for anti crushing
Digital control technology - protect gate operation in whole process, such as boom
limit position protection, ambient temperature compensation protection, anti-blocking
protection, illegal lifting alarm and record, etc.

4.Four Opening Methods

Gate boom opened by loop detector
Gate boom opened by PMS (“Parking Management System”) software
Gate boom opened by remote control
Gate boom opened by motor (There is a knob on motor and only be used in emergency)

Electric Specifications

Power supply


Operating Temperature


Relative Humidity


Motor Power


Communication Interface



3 mio cycles

IP Rating


Height of Boom


Dimension (L*W*H)


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